Jan 5, 2008

Mansion Weekly 1000$ Freeroll

5th of January 19:37 p.m. I finished playing Mansion Weekly 1000$ freeroll. There was 3000 entrants and 50 places paid. First hour I was doing well. After the first break I had 5k in chips and there was 891 players left. Everything went great. After 37 minutes I made a mistake. I had 8k in chips, the blinds were 300/600. I got 33 on the big blind. Someone raised to 2000. He was very bad player, raising with nothing all the time, so I called. The flop came 642. He bets 3000 and I thaught he was bluffing so I went all in. He called and showed pair of 6's. I was out of the tournament 271st. Everytime I play tournament I want to get in the 10%. So 3000/100*10=300 players. My place was 271st I am not in the money, but at least I did what I want. Maybe next time more luck ;)

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