Jan 5, 2008

FullTilt Poker deposit

5th of January 2008 04:03 a.m. I woke up an hour ago. Checked the e-mail and find out there was a letter from PokerStrategy.com telling me that I will receive my 50$ free soon. That's great news. Next thing what I have done today was, I looked at the FullTilt Poker. I am thinking of making the deposit there. Of course I would prefer to Play in PokerStars, but I am banned there, so I did a little research on the Internet and found out that 25% of all online poker players plays in PokerStars and the second place is FullTilt Poker with 16% or 17%. Another thing is how can I make deposit if I don't have a visa card. I found out something about PaySafeCard, so I wrote a letter them asking where could I get that card. It should be somewhere in city center. It would be great for me making the deposits over there, because I live not so far from the city center. Another thing what I did was, I was looking for games in FullTilt Poker. And I decided that the best game would be 2+0.25$ sit and go. Because my bankroll will be around 100$ so that's 50 buy-ins. That's it for today. Good luck every one! :)


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Thanks, you 2 ;) You have an interesting project going on on your blog. Very nice, keep going ;)